Below is a list of questions frequently asked by individuals inquiring about the “For Sale by Owner” Program. We want to be able to answer any question you may have regarding either this program or REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. If you read through our list of frequently asked questions and still do not have an answer to your question please feel free to give us a toll-free call at 866-808-6368 or email adminrealtyuniversal.com and our staff will be happy to answer your question.

What if I start off with the "For Sale by Owner" program and later want to switch to a different program?

Our Company handles full service listings as well as fee for service. Switching programs is easily handled. If you later switch to one of our full service programs we refund your original $500.00 at closing by reducing the commission by $500.00. If you switch to a referred affiliate broker/agent referred by us you receive your $500 reduction at closing as well.

What if I am doing the "For Sale by Owner" program and occasionally have questions?

You may e-mail us questions and have them answered at no charge. Send e-mail to admin [at] realtyuniversal.com

What if I want to handle all of my own showings but would like a trained professional to handle the contracts and closing?

There are several options available but you would most likely want to sign up with our 1% program (1% of sales price- $2500.00 minimum). If you only need the contracts written there would be a fee of $500.00.

What is a Transaction Coordinator?

A transaction coordinator is responsible for maintaining the escrow closing process and completing all tasks assigned during the normal transaction process of the Broker and/or Agent. Our Transaction Coordinator provides you with a timeline keeping track of all dates, ordering inspections, from contract to close. We are not representing either party but making sure that no dates are missed. Communicates with all parties including escrow, lender, and agents.

What is included in the one percent program?

This includes preparing contracts, arranging inspections, following up on feedback from showings, appraisal issues, negotiations, handling all details from contract to closing-commission paid at closing.

Once I sign up with the "For Sale by Owner" program, how long before my listing will show on the Internet?

Your listing will be processed and shown on the MLS & the Internet sites within 24 hours, 7 days a week. It takes a little longer than 24 hours to show up on some of the Internet
sites since your listing is propagated to these sites.

Does my telephone number show in the multiple listing service?

Yes. We place your information in the private remarks of the listing. This means that agents are able to call you directly to schedule appointments. Your information is not put in the public remarks section because the mls rules and regulations prohibit this.
Your contact information is also listed on realtyuniversal.com & ownersandagents.com with your MLS numbers for easy access.

How long is my property listed?

Until it sells.

What about Refunds?I am a seller going over the agreement giving you permission to list my property in the MLS. I do not understand the last paragraph that says to check off yes or no in regards to you advertising my property.

Our company runs additional advertising on full listings and also runs spot ads on properties. If you check yes, you are giving us permission to advertise your property alongside our full listings at no additional cost to you. This is in addition to all of the exposure you are already receiving with the “for sale by owner program”. If we bring a buyer from this additional advertising, your only cost is what you are offering to agents/brokers as a coop/courtesy fee. There are no additional monies due our company.

What if I allow you to run additional spot ads at no cost to me and the buyer already has an agent?

We receive no compensation or commission.

If I check off yes to your company advertising my property and you produce a buyer from that advertising, does this mean I have to pay 6%?

No, only whatever percentage you are offering other brokers. 3% or whatever amount you decide up front.

How do we sign up with the program?

Simply click one of the signup links found on this page. Once you purchase the “For Sale by Owner” program you will be able to download the required forms as well as an instruction sheet.

What if I don’t want to sign-up online?

You may e-mail us at admin@realtyuniversal.com or call 808-261-0350(Oahu) 808-661-4466(Maui) 808-327-4466(Big Island) 808-826-9100(Kauai) 866-808-6368(Toll-free) all other islands. A representative will immediately contact you. You may pay by phone 808-261-0350, or fax to 808-261-0568. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover. We will then immediately fax, e-mail, or mail you all required forms. We also accept checks if you prefer. Mail to: Waikiki Landmark Building, 1888 Kalakaua Ave. #C312, Honolulu,
HI. 96815

Do you offer signs?

Yes. Under our 1% percent program up to Full Service there is no additional cost for signs. Under our $500 “For Sale By Owner” program there is a $100 fee per sign of which you receive a $50 credit upon return.

How many photos can I post?

You can post up to 36 photos depending on which island your property is located. Hawaii Information allows up to 25 photos; the Maui Board MLS up to 30 photos; Oahu MLS up to 20 photos and Realtor.com allows up to 36 photos .
If you only have a couple and want to add more later that is fine.

What if I want to make changes to the listing after it is inputted into the MLS and all web sites?

You may make changes at any time at no additional cost. We only ask that you e-mail, fax or mail the changes so we have them in writing to avoid any discrepancies.
Changes are made within 48 hours of receipt.

What if I want to list a property in another state? Can you handle it for me?

Our brokerage, Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. can assist you in Hawaii and Maryland as far as any representation or MLS input. As far as the other 48 states we have affiliates that are members of REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. which can assist you and offer you the same programs. These affiliates are licensed through the real estate commission in their respective state under either their own brokerage or a company brokerage.

What if I only need hourly service on an as needed basis?

You are able to pay a consulting fee on an hourly basis.

Our “MENU” programs are customized for you individually giving you the flexibility to design your own program. Our consultants will gladly walk you through the program- and if you only need us occasionally- that is fine!!!

Hi, I was reading the faq section and there is a question about what commission I would owe if your firm finds me a buyer. The answer is 3% or whatever you are offering to another buyer‘s broker. Is it customary for the seller to pay a commission to the listing broker if they are selling the property themselves? Doesn’t this sort of defeat the purpose of doing for sale by owner? Mahalo, - Joanne -

Aloha Joanne,

That is a great question!!! If you sell your property yourself, and you find the buyer, we give you an exclusion and no additional commission is due. We recommend that you offer other agents/brokers 3%, but the amount is up to you. We cannot put -0- in the MLS. We offer to run spot ads at no additional cost to you outside of the “for sale by owner” program. This is where we would receive a full service traditional commission if we bring a buyer. (you can opt to have us do this or not) We also have our own clients which your home may be perfect for. (In this situation we would be representing you as our client and the buyer would be a customer) Since we run ads for our full service listings we offer to run spot ads. The market has changed drastically- exposure is key- so when you use our “for sale by owner” program you receive maximum exposure, as well as agent exposure- while saving on the listing side. Plus we are here if you need us on an “as needed basis.” Pricing is key in this market- this program gives you the flexibility to lower your price and end up with a better bottom line figure if you have the time to handle the showings, etc. The cost of $500 upfront to get into the mls is so small compared to the exposure and print advertising which is not working well these days, not to mention isn’t cheap. Have a wonderful week!!!

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.

Is your question not listed here? Please e-mail or call us and we will answer your question immediately. admin [at] realtyuniversal.com