Below are hundreds of reviews from recent and past customers:

Additional Testimonials:

Nathalie was a joy to work with and easily handled the obstacles that occurred. The staff was thorough in making sure we always knew the status of our sale.

Mark Morabito    April 2, 2021 

I have known Nathalie for over 40 years. She is one of the most caring, driven, on purpose person I know. My husband had a commercial building land development project with partners in Tennessee that was on the market for over 7 years. I knew Nathalie is licensed in Hawaii and Maryland, but reached out to her for advice as they had tried several companies to sell. She told me she could help with certain parts of the transaction, with her consulting and marketing business REALTY UNIVERSAL membership. She found out the problems, worked with a licensed brokerage on the ground, marketed to her network and we closed within 6 months of listing. This was in 2019. Thank you for all your years of caring and support. Sincerely, Lori

Lori Riotto    March 30, 2021 

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. was very helpful and knowledgeable while helping us in the sale of a newly constructed house in Kona. As a builder I was very familiar with real estate transactions so my primary interest in Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. was to gain access to the MLS listings. They were very familiar with this process and it gained me substantial response with local agents who brought buyers, even though it was in the early stages of the pandemic with much uncertainty in the market. We sold to a very qualified local buyer and the transaction was smooth.

Michael Wilhelm    December 4, 2020   Kailua-Kona, HI  

We have sold two properties through Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc.
We found their services both friendly and efficient and they were very responsive to any inquiries we had through the process. We highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Marion Mills    August 17, 2020   Hilo, HI    

I have used the for sale by owner limited listing service several times now and the value can’t be beat. Great customer service!

Peter Sutter    June 2, 2020   Columbia, MD    

Testimonial *:She did more than what an average realtor does. Nothing was smooth with the house I wanted to buy, it’s 110 years old. The sellers had a lot of work done to the basement, Nathalie and I did a walk through and right away Nathalie knew the work was done wrong. She immediately got on the phone with the selling agent to ask about it and got a hold of 2 companies that specialized in that type of work to come out and get their opinion and quote. All thanks to Nathalie the work got done the right way. If it weren’t for her I would have been buying a house that the basement would have flooded. SHE CARES AND LOOKS OUT FOR YOU AND THE HOUSE YOU ARE BUYING!

Amanda    March 21, 2020   Frederick County, MD   

It was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

Adam Ertel    August 31, 2019   Honolulu, HI     

Please rate your experience below
(5 = very satisfied; 1 = least satisfied)
Customer Service: 5
Process of paperwork: 5
Website Information: 5
Suggestions or changes you would make: ALL GOOD

Greg Valen    August 16, 2019   Keaau, HI     

Thank you to Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. for helping my condo sale go smoothly. Having never advertised my place for sale, I was approach by a buyer with whom I negotiated price and terms. Mostly wanting a professional touch on the purchase contract prep and possible needed guidance through to closing, I was grateful to Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. providing these on a menu basis. What was pleasantly surprising was that Ms. Mullinix herself provided useful advice during the procedure, including letting me know what items in the contract were particularly important. Ms. Mullinix also added things especial to my situation in the contract, and followed up to help get the title recorded more quickly. I’m happy that I contracted them for help, and would seek to do so again as needed in the future.

Mike Rhodes    July 14, 2019   Honolulu, HI   

I have been using the FSBO program for years now and every transaction has been met with great service, professionalism, and excellent communication. I highly recommend Realty Universal. Thank you so much to everyone at Realty Universal. You’re the best! Aloha!

Brandon DeLima    June 21, 2019   Pahoa, HI 

The process to list my home was simple and convenient. Responses to any questions I had along the way were answered very timely. My home sold quicker than other homes in the area that were full listing with realtors. Factoring in not paying a listing agent 3% commission helped me sell my home for a significant amount lower than I would have otherwise and I’m sure that made it sell quicker. I would and have recommend this limited service listing program to friends and family.

Randall Medeiros    May 19, 2019   Location:Hilo, HI     

Customer Service: 5 Very Satisfied
Process of paperwork: 5 Very Satisfied
Website Information: 5 Very Satisfied

Brian & Nili Alben    May 16, 2019   Kailua-Kona, HI     

Please rate your experience below
(5 = very satisfied; 1 = least satisfied)
Customer Service: 5
Process of paperwork: 5
Website Information: 5
Suggestions or changes you would make: Do not change. Great and timely service throughout the listing.

Eugene Sutter    May 9, 2019   Baltimore, MD    

Working with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc., especially with Ms. Mullinix and Michelle has been a great experience for us. We could not have asked for a better partner and customer service in selling our house. Going beyond the call of duty, making themselves available even after hours, diligently and patiently answering questions and inquiries we have, guiding us along the way and making sure we are kept abreast of the on-going transaction. We believe we are not just a customer, but a part of the NMRU, Inc. family and we look forward for a lasting relationship. We absolutely recommend NMRU, Inc. to anyone buying or selling a house. If GREAT result is what you want, NMRU, Inc. is the ONE!

Allan and Ayrine Simeon    April 15, 2019   Location:Keaau Hawaii   

All I can say, on behalf of me and my family: Thank you, Nathalie and staff! This was super positive experience. Very organized, ease of use, helpful. Nathalie sent us everything we needed to make this process easy as it gets. Love the App she suggested and utilizes for home showings. The staff was easy to reach, with any questions we had, very pleasant. All was straightforward, from beginning to end.
Thank you again. We appreciate everything you have done for us, at the fraction of a cost.

Matt    March 17, 2019   Kauai, HI     

I had very smooth listing and closing processes. My agent, Mark Sperry, went above and beyond what I expected from a realtor. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their house. The communication from Nathalie Mullinix and Mark was excellent. I knew what was happening every step of the way. I experienced the best customer service!

Kathy K    March 4, 2019   Aina Haina, Honolulu HI    

This is the second time we sold a home with Nathalie Mullinix. The customer service is great and her experience and ability to problem solve is terrific. We will be looking forward to buying a new home for retirement and we will definitely ask Nathalie to help us select the right property.

Elizabeth Handy    September 13, 2018   Location: Maryland   

I highly recommend Nathalie Mullinix of Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. for any and all of your real estate transactions. Nathalie is nothing short of amazing. She is professional, detail oriented, proficient and exceptional at her job. She is not only my real estate broker, she has become my friend. My husband and I are repeat clients and have bought and sold numerous homes, but, never have we been so pleased with an agent until we began listing our homes with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. Thank you! We think you are the greatest realtor we have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Gloria M Mallory    August 27, 2018   Location: Wailuku, Hi    

It was a pleasure working with these folks. They were always responsive on any questions I had and provided great customer service throughout the listing and sale of my property. I would highly recommend this agency. A+++

Joel Bean    August 26, 2018    

For under $1000 I listed my condo on all major multiple listing services here in Hawaii and on the mainland including all my pictures and a 3 minute video, got 3 offers and went into contract over my asking price within 24 hours and closed in 6 weeks. Nathalie Mullinix personally talked me through things several times on her cell phone and was awesome. She’s amazing, thank you!

Irving Brown    May 16, 2018  

Just sold my 5th house with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. Team. Was great just like the others. Will keep using them to save money with Less Hustle and good service.

Name *:Ben Vergara    March 31, 2018   Location:HPP    

I’ve been utilizing Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. services for over a decade and have been completely satisfied each time. Nathalie’s expert advice and guidance has always proven to be instrumental in all my real estate needs and services. The office staff is always very helpful, prompt, and professional. Will definitely continue to use Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. for all my real estate needs.

Steve Correia    March 24, 2018    

Working with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. was the best! Very professional, knows her stuff and extremely fair!! I would recommend her services to anyone looking to find a top-notch realtor. The next time I’m in the need of similar services, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Nathalie Mullinix for help. I seriously couldn’t have been happier with the experience.

Antony Jones    December 21, 2017   Frederick, Maryland     

I have used Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL for sale by owner program twice now and have been incredibly impressed with the professionalism of their firm and the ease at which I was able to list and sell both properties with the program. They have a menu that is tailored fit to your needs and provide excellent customer service. I will definitely be using them again for my next transaction.

Gunner Schull    December 8, 2017   Honolulu, HI     

I just sold my Maui property with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL while living in Colorado. I used the 1% Virtual Full Service package and was very happy with the results. I was able to participate in the sale as much as I wanted during a brief stay on the island. After just a few weeks I accepted a great offer. I was then able to return home to the mainland and have NMRU finish up the details of the sale for me. I received ongoing personal service from Ms Mullinix every step of the way: before I arrived on island, during my stay, and after I returned home to Colorado. Most of the paperwork was completed online so it was a painless and efficient way to sell a property when you are living in a different location. I also had a local Maui realtor who took care of details for me both while I was on island and after I left. Everyone in the company was polite, helpful and responsive to my needs at all times. I hope to eventually use NMRU again when I sell a home in Maryland. It is a good value and allows the seller to have just the amount of control he/she wants during the sale. It was a good experience for me and I would definitely use the service again! Thanks to everyone at NMRU!

Linda Liggon    November 28, 2017   Wailuku, HI   

I have been using Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. FSBO program since 2007. They have maintained professionalism, trust, and excellent communication throughout the entire time. It’s a pleasure working with them as they simplify the real estate process, offering flexible options that are affordable and tailored to your needs. They are always available and responses via phone or email are responded to with speed, detail, and accuracy. I have had the opportunity to see this company grow over the years, and I am very impressed. I look forward to continuing to work with them into the future. Thank you Nathalie for everything you do. It is much appreciated.

Brandon DeLima    November 26, 2017   Location: Big Island of Hawaii  

I was very pleased with the services provided and the cheerfulness of the customer service. It was much easier than I thought to sell my own home.

Michael Moreno    November 25, 2017   Baltimore MD   

We have been happy all these years of using your services Please rate your experience below
(5 = very satisfied; 1 = least satisfied)
Customer Service: 5
Process of paperwork: 5
Website Information: 5

Charlie and Diana Lorenz    October 21, 2017   Kaneohe, HI     

I’ve utilized Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. for over 7 years and have recommended dozens of constituents during this time. With the professional assistance of this company, we have sold and purchased numerous real estate properties while having the utmost professional and courteous assistance during these transactions. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and extremely prompt in returning calls and messages, resulting in a stress-free process of each transaction. I have the highest degree of recommendation for Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. and will proudly continue utilizing there service.

Steve Correia – Hilo, HI    August 3, 2017 

This was my first time as a seller, had a lot of anxiety ! After talking to a couple of “traditional” real estate agents it only got worse. I found “Nathalie” with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. and like the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true”. But a little research and talking with Nathalie I went for it. WOW!, this is how it should be, I listened to Nathalie and took her advice and I am still astonished at how well it worked, couldn’t be happier ! Thank you Nathalie for alleviating my fears and actually making it such a great experience !

Walter D. Wilson    January 14, 2017   Keaau, HI     

NMRU, Inc. provided prompt and thorough service from the date of listing my home through its sale and I strongly recommend using them as your listing agent.

John B.    January 7, 2017   Hollywood, MD     

Had a great experience selling my home through Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL. They rock. Will definitely recommend.

Bridger Jensen    September 6, 2016   Hilo, HI     

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. was a great partner when we sold our home. They were helpful, professional and easy to work with. We will definitely work with them again if we sell another home. We highly recommend their real estate services!

Sabrina Williams – Accokeek, MD    September 3, 2016   

This office handled paperwork fast and efficient. a 5 for very satisfied.
Nathalie Mullinix was incredible. She went above and beyond in every respect. Top notch and with ease and class.
I will use Nathalie’s services again and this office for all my hawaii real estate needs. Absolutely great. I will also refer all my associates to Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. for their buying and selling needs. fast, kind easy to use and always left a pleasant smile on my face when I finished dealing with them. What a great company and what a fantastic realtor.

Lorna Ward – Ewa Beach, HI    August 27, 2016   

I was extremely satisfied with the results. I essentially had a signed contract in 1 week. The process was efficient, easy to use, and extremely cost efficient. I would definitely use again.

Gerald Von Ahn – Riva, MD    August 25, 2016    

Was a good experience using Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. Sold 4 houses with their assistance. I hope to sell more. Thanks to their awesome crew of professionals selling was much funner.

Ben Vergara – Keaau, HI    August 19, 2016  

Mark Sperry at Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. helped me find the perfect condo. We saw and put unsuccessful offers on a couple of places, but at Mark’s suggestion, made an offer on what was really the place i originally wanted, and the place we both thought was best, but a little outside my budget. So, we put an offer within my budget, which was accepted. Thanks to Mark’s experience and assistance, we really found the perfect place for me, at the right price. I cannot recommend Mark and the support team at Nathalie Mullinix more highly (including admin support at 2am and availability to speak with Mark on a very flexible schedule). Mahalo!

Ashiyan Rahmani-Shirazi – Waipahu, HI    August 17, 2016   

What a great opportunity for an easy process to sell your home. Professional, thorough, simple, precise and most importantly…every email was responded to immediately! Thank you very much Nathalie and company!

Peter Hennessey – ELEELE, HI    August 10, 2016    

This was not the first time Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. helped me sell a property nor will it be the last. On a scale of 1-10, I recognize Nathalie and her team as a 20 because they far exceed my expectation every time. Not only Is Nathalie professional, knowledgeable and helpful, her administrative team is efficient, precise, informative and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. for all of your real estate needs without hesitation. For those of you who need full service….You’ve come to the right real estate company. For those of you who require less than full service know this…Don’t HESITATE. I would be shocked if they didn’t amaze you as well…

Gloria M Mallory – Kailua Kona, HI    August 4, 2016  

I found the folks at Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. to be very helpful. I have now sold two houses with their help.

David Simison – Annapolis, MD    July 27, 2016  

We were very impressed with the professionalism and excellent services Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL Inc. provided us.
We look forward to using their services again.

Kurt Klimt – Kamuela, HI    July 26, 2016    

This is the best service ever. With Honolulu properties under $1m in high demand I was eager to pocket the 3 percent to list myself with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. I hired a photographer and submitted the paperwork and within a couple of days my property was on all the websites around the world. I scheduled my first open house and had a full price offer and had opened escrow! We saved almost $30k in commissions. This was a great service and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!!!

Heather Rochlen – Honolulu, HI    July 17, 2016    

You can’t beat the value when using their For Sale By Owner program. I just saved $15,000 on the sale of my home! I have used this service before, and I definitely will again. Overall a wonderful experience from listing to closing.

Peter Sutter – Columbia, MD    July 16, 2016    

I’ve sold quite a few homes through Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc using the “for sale by owner” program. I always find Nathalie’s staff to be professional and most of all on top of things. I get referrals promptly and reminders about things that need to be done by certain dates. I am a very satisfied customer as are the friends whom I have referred to Nathalie. I plan to continue to patronize Mullinix Realty and highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to sell a home while minimizing the amount of hard earned money LOST to realtor fees by way of full service listings.

Randall Medeiros – Hilo, HI    May 12, 2016    

Realty Universal’s customer service is beyond exceptional. I have now listed 2 properties with them, and I have not been disappointed. They are very quick and responsive and stay on top of things. I have several more properties that I am working on, and I have decided to list them with Realty universal. The staff is great and friendly. I would highly recommend others to definitely try Realty Universal. You will not be disappointed. Great staff! Keep up the good work!

Muju Hussain – Laurel, MD    May 10, 2016    

Best kept secret in real estate that realtors would much rather be kept from any seller.

Randall Medeiros – Hilo, HI    March 25, 2016   

Nathalie, You were the bright light on my investing experience in Hawaii.

If you anticipate investing in Hawaii anytime in the near future, look for Nathalie. They don’t make em any better.


Mark Sullivan    March 17, 2016    

I am very impressed with the high ethics and professionalism Nathalie brings to the table. She has proven to me she is second to NONE. She and her staff have done an excellent job holding my hand through the process and keeping me informed at all times. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have such a knowledgeable, pro-active and dedicated team standing behind me. To both buyers and sellers, without hesitation I would highly recommend Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. for all of your real estate needs. As a retired CA Real Estate Broker, I wouldn’t say this unless it was deserved. Thank you again for the great work. I look forward to our future transactions.

Gloria Mallory    September 28, 2015   Hawaii     

Really appreciated your valuable, prompt, and courteous support in helping me complete all the required forms. Responses to my inquiries were always timely and clear.

Saeed    August 23, 2015   Frederick, MD  

Nathalie and her team are very professional and get the job done quickly and with skill. I cannot give a higher recommendation to her team. 5 stars!!!

Tim Frantz    August 1, 2015   Kapolei, HI     

What a great way to sell your property and reduce your costs. Just sold our 4th property using this service and can’t say enough good about the process. Great Team / Terms / Timeliness.

Renewable Properties LLC    June 5, 2015   Baltimore, MD   

We would like to thank Nathalie and her staff for the great job they did getting our home sold. Very easy to work with and keeps you informed throughout the entire process.

David and Karen Kligerman    May 27, 2015   Kapolei, HI    

We have used Nathalie Mullinix and her office several times. We have always been very pleased with the high level of services and professionalism they provide!! I would highly recommend them!

Dayle Ishii    May 13, 2015   Hilo, HI     

Congrats on closing this transaction. Your service is fast and professional. Thank you for providing a smooth and convenience service.

Gary Abajian    May 8, 2015   Waianae, HI     

Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc. provided a thoroughly professional service in selling our house. They immediately called and emailed each time there was a query and followed up if they hadn’t heard from us within a day. Any time we contacted them we always received a prompt response within 24 hours, usually straightaway. I would strongly recommend their services to others.

Emily    April 4, 2015   Kilauea, Hawaii     

After having just closed on 3.1 acres of land and a 13,000 sf building in Kaneohe, I must say that there was no way that we could have accomplished this without Nathalie. I am of the belief that competent professionals like her only come once or twice in a generation, and as such, we are convinced that God directed us to her and her to us for such a time as this.

J.D. Farag    January 9, 2015   Kailua, HI (Oahu)    

Our experience working with Nathalie and the team at Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc. was exceptional. Nathalie is truly an expert in the short sale process, especially pertaining to regional aspects of the Hawaii market. On a personal level, Nathalie worked with us to help us understand the short sale process. On a professional level, Nathalie and the NMRU, Inc. team worked together to guide us through the process and ultimately allow us to purchase our first home. We are so grateful to Nathalie and her team and would highly recommend NMRU, Inc. to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in Hawaii, even more so if the transaction involves a short sale. Rob and Eliza – Kalaheo, HI (Kauai)

Rob and Eliza    January 8, 2015   Kalaheo, HI (Kauai)    

Your site and staff responded quickly and completely answered all our needs as we went through the whole showing and sales process thru to closing. I have no other suggested changes as it worked for us.

Pete Zachmann    December 21, 2014   Laurel, MD   

The process works very well. Thank you so much!

Kathy    December 21, 2014   Nottingham, MD 

Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal’s staff was most understanding and helpful in assisting me in the process. The process was relatively “painless.”

M Trumbore    November 24, 2014    

My experience with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. far exceeded my expectations. Everything proceeded smoothly and efficiently and to my complete satisfaction.

David Pankenier    October 1, 2014   Hawaii     

Nathalie, Vanessa and Staff: Many thanks to each and everyone of you for getting this home sale to this point. I knew that it was not going to be easy. I really appreciate your consistency , perseverance, finesse and follow through over the past months. I would be happy to serve as a reference for your agency if needed in the future.” (This was a Short Sale in Hawaii)

Paul Olson,    August 24, 2014   Johnston, IA     

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Nathalie and her team at Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. for their assistance and professionalism in the sale of my parents’ home in Maryland. As a real estate agent myself, I wanted a service that allowed me to be the direct contact while welcoming and offering commission to agents working with buyers. Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. proved to be the right answer. Our home was under contract within a few short weeks. The staff was responsive and helpful throughout the process. I would not hesitate to refer or use Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. again myself in the future.

Marc    July 27, 2014   Phoenix, AZ     

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. is very professional and it was a pleasure working with the staff. They informed me before each showing and were very easy to work with. Not only did they list my home they were able to find a buyer without going through another agent, saving me thousands. The settlement took place in two different states and at different times. The transaction went very smooth. A real first class Real Estate firm.

Chris Lagatare    July 20, 2014    

We found a house that we wanted and as a requirement of the contract we had to put our house on the market quickly. A few questions, a small fee, and we uploaded our photos and we were up on the MRIS. We got 3 offers the first weekend- Sold our home in under 60 days. I know this is always true but we didn’t have to pay any Realtor fees except for the initial sign up with Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc. Fast and painless.

Eric Michael Dashner    June 27, 2014    

Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc. is a brilliant concept. Their staff is always available by phone or e-mail to answer questions and offer support during the listing and sales process. Staff is extremely courteous and professional. Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc. was instrumental in helping us to sell our home. We highly recommend their services. Well done, Nathalie Mullinix!

Brian and Nili Alben    June 25, 2014    

Realty Universal and Nathalie Mullinix were a wonderful and professional team to work with. From the beginning to the end of selling my home, they were caring, timely, professional, helpful and responsive. Their assistance and expertise made every step of the transaction from contracts, counter offers, lease agreements and final closing very smooth. I was beyond impressed with their honesty,and ethics. I highly recommend them for any and all aspects of real estate service and assistance.

Amber    April 4, 2014   Hawaii     

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL provided me the opportunity to list our home on the MLS. With the increased exposure, we were able to sell our property in three months. Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL provided guidance with all the necessary paperwork to make this listing easy and possible. Thank you!

April    February 16, 2014   West Ocean City, MD     

After selling our mother’s home using Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, will be the only route we would take to sell any future properties. It was an easy process and the staff was exceptional. They were very responsive, professional and we received reminder phone calls on all action items. The realtor was pleasant and answered all questions The location of our mother’s home the HOA did not allow any posting of “for sale” signs. Using Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal, Inc. provided us with the needed exposure, numerous prospective buyers and eventually a successful sale of the property.

Robin Roberson and Dinah Wynne    December 17, 2013   Maryland   

We had a great experience using Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. and found them to be extremely professional and helpful. They helped us sell our condo quickly and saved us a tremendous amount of money, while still providing us with excellent representation and service. From informing us of new leads to answering any questions we had, they were such an integral part of our recent success. We were so pleased with their accessibility and constant communication. We highly recommend their services!

Andrew Corrie    November 19, 2013   Honolulu, HI     

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. helped me list my home on MLS and provided guidance about the required paperwork. They were very professional about forwarding calls from potential buyers to me. As a result of their service, I received a number of requests for showing and ultimately sold the home. Going through them saved me close to 4% agent commission. They were very quick in updating the MLS with the open house information and followed up with me multiple times to ensure compliance with the MLS requirements for properties under contract and sold property. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to sellers.

Rajat Paul    October 27, 2013   Maryland     


TINA PAO    October 25, 2013   Hawaii     

Thanks again for your professional and passionate assistance throughout the process of selling our home. You and your staff are truly a pleasure to work with and will be recommended to anyone I know that would be interested in buying or selling.

Paul Waskey    October 9, 2013   Maryland     

You will not find another more professional realtor/broker on Oahu or in all of Hawaii for that matter. Nathalie Mullinix is a results oriented agent with excellent negotiation skills. Her end goal is the satisfaction of her client/clients and I could’t have asked for anything better from the service I received from her and her staff. Every I dotted, every T crossed, Thank you Nathalie, Barry Shepard

Barry Shepard    October 3, 2013   Oahu, HI    

Our experience was very good – we were able to get questions answered when we had them – very helpful. Thank you.

Becky Jacobs    September 18, 2013   Hanover, Maryland     

NMRU was extremely helpful and patient with my sale of my property. They made it very easy to list my house on MLS and helped me better understand what it takes to sell a home successfully. Overall, it was a great experience working with them and would highly recommend their services.

Dave    September 6, 2013   Maryland     

Finding the right place to hang your hat can be one of the hardest things to do, especially when it comes on the heels of a career change and moving a whole household, a life, clear across the ocean. It’s no wonder that finding the right realtor can be such a chore, but in our case it was a blessing. When Michael and I got word that we would be packing up and moving to Hawaii our minds raced at the thought of where we would live and finding the right place for us. Sure it’s paradise, but we knew we had our work cut out for us. Fortunately Theresa Aki took the lead and everything else seemed to fall into place. From the moment our search began, Theresa was proactive in strategizing a game plan, exploring possibilities, and factored all of our concerns into identifying the best possible choices with our needs in mind. Sure it was a long and sometimes exhausting process, but we weren’t just looking for a house, we were looking for a home and she stopped at nothing until we found our dream home. For over two years now we’ve built a life in our community, our neighbors are our friends, and we couldn’t be happier today than the day we chose to put our trust in Theresa Aki. Her tenacity, dedication and commitment kept us abreast of the newest properties on the market just as soon as it was listed. Anyone can show you a piece of property and maybe even find you a place to live, but it takes someone special to help you find the right home for you and your family. We are definitely not the typical couple and so we certainly needed more than just a typical agent and Theresa did a phenomenal job balancing our needs and exceeding expectations.

Mike Stowe and Drew Murphy    August 9, 2013    

I was impressed with the high caliber of service provided by your company. You were always on top of things and at the times I called I was always well attended to. It was most appreciated.

Ron Savage    August 9, 2013    

I would like to thank Nathalie Mullinix and her staff for their outstanding excellence in assisting me in my endeavor. I sold my home of 14 years within a month’s time and closed escrow in 50 days from acceptance. If I needed help, it was handled in a very short time. I highly recommend Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc.

Wayne M. Evans    August 1, 2013 

I was planning to sell my condo FSBO but was overwhelmed by the task. My sister (a loan officer) told me to look into Nathalie Mullinix’s company. I chose the 1% program which worked out perfectly for me . I thought maybe I would be working with an assistant or other agent but Nathalie was there every step of the way. After one open house I had several offers above the listing price. I accepted a nice cash offer and we were able to close very quickly. Other than having to write the MLS listing and seller’s disclosure, Nathalie did all the paperwork and kept track of all the requirements and deadlines. I was able to sign all the documents online with Docusign (other than the escrow signing at the end). There was minimal effort on my part throughout the whole process and Nathalie always kept me properly updated. I was impressed that I received such good service with a lower priced condo. It seemed like this sale was just as important to her as any other. I don’t think many brokers or agents would have been as motivated and professional. The whole experience was beyond satisfactory and I would recommend Nathalie to anyone looking to sell. (Oahu-Hawaii)

W. Zane    July 27, 2013   Oahu, Hawaii     

Thank you for a professional association. The phone was ringing; the first two showings resulted in offers and even have back-up interest if anything falls through. All within a week. Wow!

Martin Severe    June 27, 2013    

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. is great! I sold my house through the “For Sale By Onwer” program fast. They answered all my questions and provided all the information necessary. I recommend any of Nathalie’s products. Your MLS listing will look professional.

Wendy Shenk    June 2, 2013    

We are a retired military couple living off-island, and after a nightmarish, costly, and traumatic experience at the hands of a popular but unscrupulous real estate firm, Nathalie Mullinix came to our rescue and she was just the blessing we needed. Realty Universal not only found buyers interested in our home that were in our price range, they made the selling and closing process virtually painless. For a real estate firm you can TRUST to put YOUR best interests first, contact Nathalie Mullinix and Realty Universal! Thank you, Nathalie!

Gregory & Tracy Thompson    March 22, 2013    

I have worked with Nathalie on numerous occasions in my Real Estate transactions. She is well experienced and gets the jobs done in a quick professional manner for the right price. Nathalie and her team sufficiently and successfully assisted me in both selling and buying. Thank you. – Oahu, HI

Ana Mochurad    February 13, 2013    

Using Realty Universal was the best solution. Easy, seamless and Friendly. I had the know how and what I did not know they offered the help. In this market, I needed all the Net Proceeds I could get, they were the Solution.

Milt Wyatt    December 20, 2012  

Thank you for all your cooperation in getting my home sold and respecting me as a seller agent as well as a seller. Mahalo.

Craig Stoll    December 14, 2012   Hawaii     

I can-not speak highly enough of Ms.Mullinix and the services provided by Realty Universal. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 12! From the first time I spoke with Ms.Mullinix to list my home, I knew I was in good hands. She guided me thru each step and always kept me informed of the progress. Her staff was also very professional and courteous in their contacts with me. I strongly recommend them for all your real estate needs.

John Henricksen    December 7, 2012   Hawaii    

Listed, my Single Family home in 2012 in Kapaau, HI. Please rate your experience below: (5 = very satisfied; 1 = least satisfied) Local knowledge: 5 Process expertise: 5 Responsiveness: 5 Negotiation skills: 5 Summary: This company is very professional and responds to phone calls and emails in a timely manner every time. I have my home listed with them, but it is a FSBO program, where this firm will provide as much service as I require. I had another Realtor, who in six months could not get my listing right; this Realtor had everything correct in a very short time.

Frank Maier    November 8, 2012    

I have worked with Ms Mullinix on both sides of the table -as an agent in the 90’s and as a seller this past year. She has the work ethic of a racehorse (does not give up until the deal closes). In this economy she not only took over the listing and sale of our house , had multiple contracts, handled multiple situations and in under a year closed the sale! We could not have been more satisfied with her. You can work with her knowing that everything will work out! (Property had been on market with other companies for 4 yrs).

Alison Sappington    October 8, 2012 

We used Ms. Mullinix to handle the sale of our home in Hawaii. It was slow to get activity on the home (several months) but once it picked up and we had an offer she was on top of everything as needed. We will use her again when we decide to buy again in our current area on the Mainland through her real estate network. Ms. Mullinix may be our Realtor but I also consider her a new friend. She was a joy to work with in this current housing market. This was a short sale property and the lender tried to add in a deficiency judgment which Ms. Mullinix worked out immediately.

Diane    August 16, 2012   Mountain View, Hawaii 

When we decided to sell our home in Bakersfield, CA I was given the contact for Realty Universal by a friend who had used their services to sell a condo in Hawaii. We signed up with the service and have been very pleased with the support (at whatever level one uses the service) and received 9 offers within three days of the home being listed in MLS. House is now sold and we are on the “other side”, looking for a home in another town. Thanks Realty Universal. Jim L.

James Lumsden    August 11, 2012    

I can think of nothing to change. Everything you did was fast, clear, helpful and absolutely well done. We have used your service several times before and would gladly use you again and recommend you to everyone, which we have. Thank you for everything.

Joanne Ammerman    August 8, 2012   Hawaii     

I have to say I have never seen a team like this work so hard on getting a house sold.I was constantly informed of everything going on .Nathalie was amazing and never stopped until all was accomplished.Very dedicated ,I would absolutely recommend her for anthing realty.My hats off to a lady who never slowed down. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a short sale that ended up having major problems due to a storm that the insurance company would not fix and the deal still went through thanks to the efforts of the team.

Kerry Hollander    August 6, 2012    

This was the first time we used the services of Realty Universal but we don’t plan on it being the last. We were very pleased with the service and the results. As soon as we listed our house with Realty Universal, there were a lot of people interested in our house and almost everyone who saw the house made an offer on it. Great customer service. Very helpful. What more could we ask for? Why pay all those thousands of dollars to use a full service realtor?

Strat Goodhue    July 31, 2011   Maui, HI     

This was an amazing experience. My property sold in 35 days for 98% of asking price. Everyone at Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc was very helpful and always quick to respond to my e-mails. I would absolutely use this service again and recommend it to my friends. I am a person who is very demanding and Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc exceeded my expectations.

Doris McGee    May 7, 2011   Maryland     

Cherry! Thanks so much for your quick response to my inquiry. Now that’s! the great service I experienced when I first worked w/ Nathalie a few years ago! Nathalie, I’m your biggest fan!

Pam Meyers    September 16, 2010   California     

Your “ADMIN” support was very good and the person or persons was always helpful and prompt. My conversation with Nathalie was also very helpful. I appreciate the response and explanation.

Paul Harrison    August 4, 2010   Maryland     

I sold my house in three weeks. I had a large amount of calls both from realtors and from people who just saw one of the listing. The handout was exceptional and was received by all that visited. I would recommend you to anyone that asked and to the many that do not have a clue as to how easy it is work with an online firm.

Tom Mcnamara    August 4, 2010    

FYI, the MLS via Realty Universal probably brought in close to half the contacts we had on the house. We sold the home in 35 days when the average sale time is 75 days according to a local realtor. So I am a very satisfied customer. Terry Francl Maryland

Terry Francl    June 18, 2010 


Michael Harvey    January 12, 2010   Hawaii

Thank you so much for your exceptional service to me in completing the sale of my 2 properties in Hawaii. With the market in such disarray, and the added complication of my needing to sell these properties as short sales, I consider myself very blessed to have worked with you as my agent. I really appreciated your caring and diligent service to me. You were able to guide me in every aspect of a complicated process, explaining each step and helping me to make the best decision possible. During the process, it was clear that your knowledge and experience made the difference in keeping the negotiations with banks, buyers, and all involved moving even when it seemed like we were at an impasse. You knew exactly what to do at each step. I am not sure how many phone calls you made on my behalf, but it must have been hundreds. After my experience with you I am convinced that you are one of the few agents who actually has the ability to complete difficult deals. In selling these homes, you have created a miracle for me. I cannot thank you enough.

Brian Ranck    December 10, 2009   Sandy UT

Your services were great. We were able to save 3% of the customary fee. You were prompt in answering questions regarding the market. This was very helpful because we no longer live in Hawaii and did not have “a feel” for the changing market.

Doris Massey    October 18, 2009    Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Keep up the great Service!!!

Marian Sleboda    September 30, 2009    Pasadena, MD

We have really enjoyed using your “For Sale By Owner” flat-fee listing program. We are a very small company — husband and wife team — that rehabs and sells houses. Using your listing service has saved us tens of thousands of dollars with excellent results. In fact, one house that you listed for us went under contract for full asking price in less than one day! We plan to use your service for every property that we list for sale on the MLS. In fact, we have 2 more ready for listing now! Please have your local people contact me to get those going. Thanks for providing such a wonderful and cost-saving service

Jamie and Tim    September 1, 2009   Green Mills, MD

Realty Universal has been a pleasure to work with! We are professional Real Estate Investors, and we have sold 2 properties in the past 2 years using the “For Sale by Owner” flat fee listing program. Both properties sold in a reasonable amount of time for the existing market conditions (in fact, 1 property went under contract in the first day of listing!), and both were FULL PRICE offers. Realty Universal’s service has saved us tens of thousands of dollars in listing agent fees. We believe this is a highly effective and economical way to list properties for sale on the multiple listing service, which exposes properties to the greatest number of potential buyers. Thank you, Nathalie Mullinix and your Realty Universal team!

Jamie King    March 31, 2009    Annapolis, MD

Nathalie and staff, thank you for providing an excellent service. In this tough real estate environment your service saved me money, and helped sell my home. The 1% program was great because you get the backing and knowledge of a realtor without the high fees. Just doing a little bit of work on your own will save you $$$$$. This service was well worth the time and money. I highly recommend this program to anyone selling real estate in Hawaii. Thanks again Nathalie for doing an excellent job.

Benjamin Alonzo Jr.;  October 28, 2008    Keaau, HI

Your services are just what we needed in this market. You told us to be able to lower the price is so important in this economy to sell. We used your “for sale by owner” program and sold in two weeks. Mahalo- we will be back.

Steve    July 29, 2008    Hilo, Hawaii

My experience with your services was very satisfactory. You were very good about returning my calls, and answering any questions I had. And when a buyer was found, you followed up on the paperwork and made sure the timeline was followed. Thank you very much for your excellent handling of this transaction

Sam Levitz    January 31, 2008    Aiea, HI

I have known Nathalie since the late 80s and in that time she has handled four of my real estate transactions. Nathalie is extremely conscientious regarding all aspects of the transaction, whether buying or selling. She has a true knack for understanding the buyers requirements and needs for their new home, and perseveres when selling the current home. Nathalie is not only my agent of choice, but also became a true friend over the years. When I’m ready to sell and buy again, Nathalie will be notified to handle both transactions..AGAIN
Take care and be well.

Scott Berger    October 31, 2007    Pikesville, Maryland

My wife and I have had some experience with personal real estate transactions. Most were not very good. We started with buying a townhouse in Mililani Tech Park. This lead to four other real estate transactions. By this time, we were frustrated with the lack of service we were getting. Because of this we began to seek out a realtor that could work with us according to our needs and style of buying & selling.

I did an internet search for realtors, and when I found Nathalie Mullinix’s, Mullinix Universal website and read her ala carte menu I thought this was too good to be true. So I decided to call to speak to them, my first surprise was that I got to talk to Nathalie in person. She was able to answer all my questions and build my confidence in believing that everything that was said on her website was true. I later found out that it was all true.

The first transaction that we did with her was selling a house in Waipahu with her $500 program. I had tried for sell by owner on my own before and I had to turn to full commission realtors because of lack of advertising. I biggest surprise with the $500 program was all the websites that my property was posted on with photos (that I took and sent to them). With this program I decided to not do open houses, but to do private showings only.

I had many calls and showings and had my first offer within weeks. This buyer being incapable of performing fell out of contract, I then had a strong buyer taking their place shortly after. To make a long story short, I was pleasantly surprise on how many phone calls, showings and activities that I was receiving with using Natalie’s program. I had Nathalie take over under her 1% program because of my time constraints. This was a multi-family unit. Nathalie personally handled it. When ever I needed help on other properties with this process, I was able to talk with Nathalie or one of her assistants and was willing to pay them the hourly rate that they talked about on their website for help but again they informed me that the questions that I had asked and the help that I needed was not at a level that they needed to charge for.

My next transaction was selling our townhouse in Mililani; this went just as well as the first except that I was so busy at work that I couldn’t handle all the calls so I asked her to take it over with full commission and she told me she could handle the details and still make it work for 1% instead of 3%. Then when it came time for new purchases we used her buyer rebate program which fit our life style and real estate desires perfectly with us doing our own research, going to open houses on our own, finding places on websites, doing drive bys then calling her office to let them know properties that we wanted to make an offer on and the amount, I had quicker offers sent to realtors than ever before and at closing of the deals receiving a 2% credit back from Nathalie in escrow when the deal was done.

We have worked with Nathalie now for over 5 years on five properties and wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. The last deal we did under her buyer rebate program would not have gone through if it wasn’t for Nathalie’s expertise. Problems arose on the seller’s side involving many issues. My wife and I thought it just wouldn’t work out. Nathalie’s skill of knowing the legalities, timing and her drive made it a win/win situation for everyone involved. She actually was in Maryland at the time the problems arose. It didn’t matter, she made it all work out. Everyone including the other agent, escrow and our lender had practically given up. Nathalie took control, gave solutions, got everyone involved and made it happen.

Thank you Nathalie! Your programs and your know how have helped our real estate buying and selling lifestyle tremendously.

Charlie & Diana Lorenz

Charlie & Diana Lorenz    October 3, 2007    Hawaii

Hi Nathalie,
We just wanted to tell you how great your listing programs are. The choices you have in programs are fanatastic and your performance on our sale was exemplary. Thanks again for all great work you did for us. We would never consider using anyone else but you in the future.
Keith and Carol Heindel
(Costa Rica)

Keith & Carol Heindel    September 26, 2007    Hawaii

Everyone was helpful in making the process smooth and practically effortless. I have confidently referred a couple of friends to realtyuniversal. I was able to save $12,000 at the blink of an eye, and I recommend the services highly. Thank you for your help.

Paul Susskind    September 26, 2007

Mahalo nui loa for providing your flat fee listing service. I was extremely impressed with your staffs’ level of professionalism. My condo was listed on the MLS within a day and if I ever had any questions your staff responded promptly to my calls and emails. My condo sold within a month for the full price. Before I contacted you, I was told by a friend that if I was interested in a flat fee listing “Nathalie was the person to go to”. I totally agree.

Erin Edwards    September 24, 2007    Hawaii

Nathalie Mullinix Realty is a firm recommended to me by legal and personal associates.When I decided to sell my home, a 40 acre residence in Northern Maryland, I wished a company I could trust and put the home up for sale with Nathalie Mullinix.

The experience was one of mixed emotion because of personal reasons, but one which was efficiently and effectively transferred by a company with an excellent reputation. Not only is Nathalie an experienced realtor but has become a long term friend and associate.

Patricia Bannon
Isle of Kent, Maryland

Patricia Bannon    September 18, 2007    Maryland

Nathalie Mullinix offers a wide array of real estate products to help you sell your property your way from the total DIYer to full service. Plus Nathalie is a miracle worker, after several other realtors had failed to move my condo under very favorable conditions, Nathalie came in and saved the day in a radically declining market. She is professional, honest, earnest a great professional to have on your side!

Nicole Gainey    September 14, 2007    Hawaii

We were very pleased with the service we received from Nathalie Mullinix and her services. She was very professional throughout the whole process. We were very impressed with the knowledge she had in real estate. We felt Nathalie really stuck by us throughout the entire process of our real estate sale. Thank you Nathalie for your help and support throughout. To us you are one of the best realtors out there!

Kellee & Alan    September 14, 2007    Kaneohe, HI

I am eternally grateful to Nathalie for selling my property in Hilo. She is so professional and eager to make your sale happen. Her know how is unbeatable! My property was on the market with another company for over 9 months. I was referred to her by another agent. Nathalie immediately suggested her 1% program because this would give me the room to lower my price and she would still handle the important parts of the sale. The market has slowed down but Nathalie still made it happen- I listed my property in July and was closed by September- two days ago without a hitch. I am traveling abroad now and this sure gives me peace of mind. I live in California and Nathalie was able to do this from Oahu. At first I wondered how she could do it- she explained and I am so happy. I will recommend your company to everyone.

Forever grateful! Sonja Awohi (property in Hilo, Hawaii)

Sonja Awohi    Sonja Awohi    Hawaii

We are really happy we were able to do the limited MLS listing, wow 2 offers and sold in 3 days!! Yahoo!!! Thank you so much for your help, this was definitely the best way to go for us!!

Debbie and Kirk    August 29, 2007    Kaneohe, Hawaii

Everyone was helpful in making the process smooth and practically effortless. I have already confidently referred a couple of my friends to REALTY UNIVERSAL. I was able to save $12,000 at the blink of an eye, and I recommend the services highly. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Paul Susskind Hawaii

Paul Susskind    March 23, 2007    Hawaii

My experience with your services was very satisfactory. You were very good about returning my calls, and answering any questions I had. And when a buyer was found, you followed up on the paperwork and made sure the timeline was followed. Thank you very much for your excellent handling of this transaction.

Bill Harvey    December 6, 2006    Hawaii

Dear Nathalie:

Thanksgiving is such a nice time to say “thank you.” Thank you so very much for helping us to sell our investment properties.

Your program seemed too good to believe when we first learned about it. I feel a bit sheepish, now to think about all the questions I asked, and how much skepticism I poured on your kind agent.

The first time we tried to sell a house without your advice, we had no offers.

When we decided to remodel, you advised us to take it off the market, and put it back on as a new listing. Without you, we would not have thought to take that approach.

Your suggestion to offer cooperating brokers a 2.5 commission was particularly helpful.

Even if we could have listed on the MLS without you, it would not have worked.

When we first tried to sell the house ourselves, we only offered a .5 commission. Later we learned for a fact that realtors had actually dissuaded buyers from purchasing the property.

When we re-listed it, following your advice, we sold it at our first open house. There were several offers above the asking price.

When you explained to me how you came to offer this service out of compassion for women forced to sell their homes struggling under adverse circumstances, I was very touched. Again, I was a bit skeptical, as the pressures of our economy seem to make such an approach very rare. As I got to know you, I came to realize that was absolutely true.

It’s refreshing to see that business can prosper when people act on strong faith and humanitarian concern.

We are preparing another property to sell, and will be back to you soon about a new listing.

Thank you so very much.

Margaret Krainer    November 22, 2006

Dear Nathalie,

Thank you very much for your generous offer of assistance through your 1% program. Having two properties for sale at the same time is interesting! It has been such a positive experience working with your company, and to everyone who views our properties, I tell about your services.

Many thanks,
Joanne Smylie

Joanne Smylie    Joanne Smylie    Honolulu Hawaii

We have been well impressed by your services and plan to do more business with you guys in the future, as well as recommending you to others.
All the best,
Don White

Don White    Don White    Volcano Hawaii

Aloha Nathalie, I suppose this wraps up our relationship, but wanted to thank you again personally for such fine service. Your knowledge, patience and quick responses helped us immensely and certainly saved us money. If we ever consider selling our second lot in Puna, will certainly contact you.

Pam Myers    September 9, 2006    Pahoa, Hawaii

Hi Nathalie – We signed escrow today on our property , and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your excellent staff for all your help. Working with Faith was a breeze – she is very polite and always followed up on things for us. Every person in your employ with whom we communicated was very knowledgeable and friendly. The whole concept you have introduced into the local real estate market is long overdue and worked just perfectly for us. After we signed on, there was no delay getting our property and pictures listed, and changes we requested to the listing were made expeditiously. Your staff said what they meant and did what they said they were going to do. As soon as we listed with you the phone started ringing with interested buyers on the other end of the line. I received far, far more value from the $500 spent on your service than any other outlay we made to sell the house, no question about it. Our home took a long time to sell because we purposefully set an above-market price and then waited for prices to appreciate to that level. Over that time period the MLS listing you provided gave us all the visibility we needed. It was actually fun hosting the open houses, meeting so many interesting people, and adjusting the “marketing plan” for the property. Selling a home is lots of work, but most of what is required (fixing things, upgrades, keeping the interior and exterior in presentable condition) is work that the homeowner would have to do anyway, not work the seller’s agent would do. For just a little bit more work (acting as your own agent), a seller can keep A LOT of extra cash. We saved nearly $20,000 using your program – that’s real money a guy can buy beer with!

Bruce Combs    March 22, 2006    Oahu, Hawaii

Just closed on a $700,000 condominium by listing it on Realty Universal for $500. It went into contract in 10 days and the buyer saw the listing on a mainland multiple listing (I’m in Hawaii) that was one of the multiple listing set up by Realty Universal for my $500. The buyer then purchased it by calling a real estate agent located on Maui over the phone in check it out. Awesome. The owner of Realty Universal is accessible over the phone (Nathalie) and her right hand lady (Faith) is always right there to talk to or gets right back to you. Amazing!

Thank you!

Irving Brown    January 27, 2006    Hawaii

Dear Nathalie,
I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for suggesting and assisting me in completing the “short sale” on my condo.
I thought going forward with your company, Mullinix Realty, in the transaction as written originally as a FSBO agreement seemed prudent. But after consulting with you and the information you professionally spelled out in detail to me, saved me from what could have been a foreclosure.
The real estate market is becoming more challenging.
That is why property owners are looking for ways to creatively sell their investments with minimal loss in the real estate marketplace.
I do believe you are a testament to your profession, with your savvy and expertise in the real estate business to help many people in the short sale process which I believe only a few have the knowledge you possess.
Thank you again.

Ralph    October 6, 2005    Honolulu, HI

Dear Nathalie,
I am writing to tell you what a wonderful job Cryshtal Avera did in representing me as a buyer broker. She was easily the most competent and diligent agent I have ever worked with- and I have worked with some good ones. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know and look forward to future real estate transactions with her.

Robert LaJeunesse    September 20, 2005    Hawaii

Visibility and credibility is everything when trying to sell a property. I sure learned that when attempting to sell a home on Kauai throught the local newspaper. I received a lot of interest and calls through my ad but I wasn’t reaching qaulified buyers. I found that people were timid about purchasing from a private party without realtor participation. After I had spent quite a bit of money on advertising a very wonderful thing happened. Nathalie Mullinix, of REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. contacted me. She shared her affordable “For sale by owner” listing program with me. I am thrilled that I signed up. My house was immediately included in the MLS which gave me both visibility and credibility. I sold my property within a week! The benefits of listing with REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. speak for themselves: Save time, save money, less worry, and help with the paperwork! I want to thank you Nathalie, and your team for such excellent service.
Sandy Breckenridge, Author/Artist
Kauai, Hawaii

Sandy Breckenridge    Sandy Breckenridge    Kauai, Hawaii

Aloha Nathalie,
Thanks so much for not giving up on me to finally get me to sign up with you. Because you listed us in the MLS we got a buyer right away and now it closed escrow yesterday.
I tried to sell our very desirable beachfront condo on Kauai as a “For sale by owner, co-operating with realtors” on the Internet and in the local newspaper for several months. After I finally decided to let Nathalie list it for me, realtors contacted me immediately. I wondered why they hadn’t responded to my ad all those months. Having it listed with Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. made all the difference! I was still able to sell it myself and only needed to pay the realtor who brought me a buyer the customary 3%, saving myself the other 3% commission to a listing agent. Nathalie let me sell it myself, but I couln’t have done it without her help. The nominal fee I paid to her was very well worth it! I encourage anyone contemplating signing up with her to do so!
Judy Dalton

Judy Dalton    September 20, 2005    Kauai, Hawaii

I met Nathalie in a class she was teaching at the Board of Realtors and knew I had to find a way to work with her and learn from her. A few months later, I came on board as an agent and have been thrilled to be a part of her team! Nathalie is so innovative and brings incredible experience to the table! I was looking for a mentor and knew I had found that person in Nathalie. It’s so important to know someone not only has the knowledge and experience to pass along, but has a positive, caring attitude. I discovered quickly that business can grow for any of us if we know how to create that growth and have seen for myself the amazing difference being on Nathalie’s team makes! I have learned and continue to learn so much from Nathalie and greatly appreciate the opportunity, not only in the Real Estate business but in life!
Much Aloha!
Cryshtal Avera (RA) ABR, GRI
Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc

Cryshtal Avera    August 26, 2005    Hawaii

I have used their service multiple times and literally saved tens of thousands of dollars! Their FSBO program is by far the easiest, most cost-effective way to sell your home or investment property. The people at Realty Universal are friendly, helpful and work very efficiently. Think you have to do a lot of work? The only way this wouldn’t have been worth my time is if I got paid over $1,000/hour at my job. Of course everyone’s experience will be different, but you’ll definitely save a bundle using their services.
Tim J.
Honolulu, Hawaii

Tim Johnsson    October 28, 2004    Oahu, HI

My husband and I sold our home in 4 days with REALTY UNIVERSAL’s Menu. It was much better than the other For Sale By Owner methods because we negotiated the buyer’s agent’s commission. We saved over 20k in commission pay out. We will, without a doubt, being using REALTY UNIVERSAL in the future.
Thanks Nathalie and team!
Mr. & Mrs. Whitehouse- Hawaii

Suzanne Whitehouse    July 4, 2004    Hawaii

You will never meet a more devoted person to finding positive solutions to any real estate deal in a timely, professional manner than Nathalie Mullinix.
Nathalie helped my husband and I find our first home and has gone out of her way to stay connected and be helpful in every way over the years.
She takes her business and your satisfaction more seriously than anyone I know. She has the kindness and integrity we all look for in any business professional.
Nathalie is a universal leap above the others. I will never go anywhere else for my real estate needs!
Kristin Quinn

Kristin A Quinn    February 2, 2004    Maryland

Nathalie was truly a pleasure to work with, very professional, efficient and very helpful. I saved $10,000 working with Nathalie Mullinix. I would use these services again in a heartbeat. Many thanks.
Judy Slawsky
Kailua, Hawaii

Judy Slawsky    December 21, 2003    Kailua, Hawaii

I met Nathalie in the early 80’s when she began working with mea t Long & Foster realtors. From the very beginning, I noticed that she was special. She seemed to know instantly how to make her clients lover her. Most importantly, she took control of difficult situations and resolved them with a competence that demanded respect. As her manager and friend, I never doubted her future would be very successful. Philip Goldsmith

Philip Goldsmith    December 9, 2003    Maryland

Nathalie’s FSBO program is the perfect bridge between a full-on real estate listing service and a do-it-yourself buy owner quagmire. She gives you the connection to the MLS and the agents with buyers in tow, all at a great price. It isn’t just a listing, it is a complete package including lots of great advice. Her services were a vital part of my own FSBO home sale. I’d do it again the same way.

Russ W.    October 31, 2003

The “Menu” programs are exactly what the future needs in real estate. I can search the Internet for many answers yet still need a real estate agent for multiple listing service and if problems come up. REALTY UNIVERSAL has all of this- wish I would have known about this program years ago- Thank you REALTY UNIVERSAL!
C. Bates

C. Bates    October 29, 2003

“If there was one person on earth who knows how to close a real estate deal it’s Nathalie Mullinix. I’ve been investing for over 20 years and I’ve never seen anyone better.”
Tom Antion
Tom is the author of the best selling presentation skills book
Wake ’em Up Business Presentations. and
Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing.

Tom Antion    September 17, 2003    Virginia Beach, VA

Being a licensed real estate agent myself, even though I am in the timeshare sales business with Hilton, I found Nathalie’s For Sale By Owner program very useful and cost-efficient when I sold my townhouse a few months ago. Their expertise in handling the paperwork that is necessary in the sales process was smooth & efficient. Their FSBO program was all I needed to get the job done.

Jonathan O’Neill
Director of Sales

Jonathan O’Neill    August 11, 2003    Oahu- H

Nathalie represented me on a purchase from a very difficult seller/agent. I feel certain that it is only due to her determination to persevere through every obstacle that my family and I are now enjoying our wonderful home. She may wear velvet gloves, but she is a fighter when you need one.
Demi Wood

Demi Wood    August 11, 2003    Kailua, HI (Oahu)

Dear Nathalie,
I would like you to know how much I appreciate the professionalism and service that you provided to me. During the past 3 months your help in selling my 2 houses has been great. Your FSBO program was so successful that I was able to get a Buyer through the MLS listing who paid more than my asking price!
On my second property, I had already found a Buyer. Having you prepare and walk us through the signing of the contract worked out great! Having a professional Realtor involved relieved a lot of the concerns that both parties would have had if we tried to do it ourselves. It also eliminated the need to negotiate many of the details because you were able to explain the customary practices in a way that was unbiased, objective and acceptable to both parties. Your fee of $500 was a bargain for making the transaction flow so smoothly.
Your flat rate fee structure is the perfect answer to my needs. It allows me to retain control of the transaction while saving me thousands of dollars and providing me the services that I need. I have already recommended you to my associates and look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Steven L. (Hawaii)

Steven L.    August 10, 2003    Hawaii

“Nathalie Mullinix is an undisputed leader in real estate marketing and training. In this seminar Nathalie teaches you the secrets to turn leads into your listings! I know, she taught me how to get over a million dollars in listings in my second month working with her back in the early 90’s! Remember…those who list, last!!”
Bob Wisner
President, Bennett Robert Wisner Sr., Inc.

Bob Wisner    August 1, 2003    Maryland

“For Sale by Owner Workshop Kit”
This book, by real estate leader, Nathalie Mullinix, is outstanding for anyone wanting to sell their own home. Detailed, clear, orderly and easy to put into action. I don’t know how any workbook could be any better. It exudes enthusiasm and gives the user confidence.
Chuck Mills, CEO
Interactive Leadership Concepts
Kailua, Hawaii

Chuck Mills    July 17, 2003    Kailua, Hawaii

I tried to sell our very desirable beachfront condo on Kauai as a “for sale by owner, co-operating with realtors” on the Internet and in the local newspapers for several months. After I finally decided to let Nathalie list it for me, realtors contacted me immediately. I wondered why they hadn’t responded to my ad all those months. Having it listed with NATHALIE MULLINIX REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. made all the difference!
I was still able to sell it myself and only needed to pay the realtor who brought me a buyer the customary 3%, saving myself the other 3% commission to a listing agent.
Nathalie let me sell it myself, but I couldn’t have done it without her help. The nominal fee I paid to her was very well worth it! I encourage anyone contemplating signing up with her to do so!

Judy Dalton    March 21, 2003

Dear Nathalie,
Thanks for your help. In the past I have always sold my homes by “for sale by owner”, when I put my Honolulu home up for sale I listed it in the paper daily for three weeks and received some phone calls. I then switched to open houses on Sundays, over the next three weeks I had a lot of people, but just lookers.
After six weeks I was feeling a little discouraged and while talking to a realtor friend, he told me that 90% of homes sales are made by other realtors, not your own listing realtor. With this enlightening information I decided to try something new. I then contacted your office and arranged to have my home listed in the realtors multiple listings, you then sceduled my house for a “brokers open house” the following week. On Thursday, seven brokers came to the open house, two of them said that they had people that would be interested in my home, that same day I sold my home for the price that I wanted.
What can I say, but thank you. I am now a firm believer in your services and have told all my friends how fast and easy it was to sell my home.
Sincerely yours,
Douglas & Merrianne Bieler

Douglas & Merrianne Bieler    September 21, 2002

To whom it may concern,
We called Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal to sell our home. Nathalie had moved to Hawaii so we had not called her company first. At this point we were getting behind on our mortgage and were listed with another national company who seemed to be doing nothing at all for us. They never even contacted us, we always had to call them. So one day I decided to call Nathalie. She had sold my mother’s home for me so I gave it a try. Even being in Hawaii Nathalie called me all the time to keep me posted on what was happening with the house.
At this point we were facing foreclosure. But she kept our hopes up and even contacted the two mortgage companies for me. She went back and forth with them until she got them to except a short sale and with that we got a buyer for the house. She went out of her way for us and she really did not have to. But she talked with the mortgage companies and buyer right up to the last minute to make sure everything was taken care of. If not for her, we would have probably lost everything. I can’t say enough to thank her for all she did. All I know is I don’t know what I’d have done without her. She goes that extra mile and really cares about people. Even as far away as she is, she still handles things like she’s right here. I’d recommend her to anyone anywhere. She proved to me she doesn’t have to be in the same state to sell your home. No one could ask for a better real estate company. She takes care of you personally and thats really hard to find these days!
Debbie R.

Debbie R.    August 21, 2002

I was referred to Nathalie Mullinix after my home had been on the market for six months with another company. She lowered my listing price by only $1000, changed marketing and had my home sold in less than two weeks. She is amazing and truly knows how to sell homes.
Joseph Carmichael
(Kailua/Oahu)- full listing program

Joseph Carmichael    July 21, 2002   Oahu, Hawaii

To whom it may concern,

I have known Nathalie Mullinix since 1991 and have had a broker/agent relationship with her since 1993. As a broker she has been extremely instrumental in teaching me how to be successful in real estate, both residential and commercial. She has always been willing to take the time necessary to ensure all her agents have the information needed to help them in their careers and has successfully guided many into a profitable future. She has also been very supportive of my desire to build a family and has given me not only the time off needed, but has covered for me while my three children were born and I was recuperating. She has always been an inspiration to me as she is tireless and gives 200% to her career. I have yet to meet someone so dedicated.


Andrea C. Peterson

Andrea C. Peterson    December 21, 2001    

To whom it may concern,

We recommend Nathalie Mullinix’s real estate service to anyone buying or selling property in Hawaii. She provided us with tailored service to exactly meet our needs in selling our Foster Village home. Our house was on the market for over one year, listed with another broker and agency, but did not sell at our asking price. Less than one week after listing with Nathalie, we had several solid offers and subsequently sold the house at our desired price. We would not hesitate to work with her in the future and recommend her to anyone in need of real estate advice.

Ed and Larenda Duley

Ed And Larenda Duley    August 21, 2001   Hawaii     

To whom it may concern,

I have known and worked with Nathalie Mullinix since 1992. In that time I feel like I have gotten to know her pretty well. She is one of the most knowledgeable, and capable business woman I have ever met. She has a great deal of integrity and is one of the most trustworthy I know. I would not hesitate to put any and all of my business in her capable hands. Nathalie Mullinix will be an asset to any company.


Bobbie Bell

Bobbie Bell    April 21, 2001   Florida     

To whom it may concern,

Nathalie Mullinix was a great asset to the Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS. Nathalie instructed the New Member Orientation and Education classes in a very professional manner. The Board lost a great member when Nathalie moved to Hawaii.Nathalie in my opinion would be a great candidate to teach any real estate course.


Russ Davis,
Director of Membership

Russ Davis    March 8, 2001   Maryland     

To whom it may concern,

Today, the real estate industry is implementing more changes, and transactions are becoming more complicated than ever before, resulting in an increased demand for high quality customer service, support, and representation. With this new demand, experienced real estate professionals who are knowledgeable in all facets of the industry are needed, along with alternate options to meet the customers specific needs.

In answering this challenge, Nathalie Mullinix, a seasoned professional with over seventeen years of experience in the real estate industry has introduced an entirely new approach to customer service in the form of real estate menu options. Each approach real estate menu option is designed to meet a specific need and budget.

I was very impressed with the high quality of service that Nathalie provided throughout the our real estate transaction and the range of options that were available to choose from. I continue to recommend her services to friends and associates, who have in turn, been quite pleased. A visit to Nathalie’s web site is something that I highly recommend.


Stephen J, & Angela M. Ervin

Stephen J, & Angela M. Ervin    March 21, 2000   Maryland