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Our buyer rebate program gives you the opportunity to receive up to 2% of the sales price to be used towards your closing costs or off of the purchase price. (Credit at closing) We make sure the credit works with your lender if you are obtaining a loan. There are many ways to do this and we are experts at it.

The way that it works is you receive credit for your efforts – like sweat equity – imagine you are building a house and the builder allows you to put in the bathrooms yourself or paint, items you are comfortable doing – and in lieu of this you receive credits off of the price. Well this is similar- you receive the credit for doing part of the work. In today’s world with the Internet it is so easy for you to be involved.

O.k. you ask “What next, what do I have to do?”

  • You sign an agreement to commit to purchase through us or one of our member/affiliates. Certain restrictions may apply.
  • You are set up on an automatic prospecting system & access to IDX internet sites which show you all listings for sale from all companies which are multiple listed.
  • You go to open houses and search for the properties available. We give you a buyers kit to assist and help you narrow down your search.
  • Once you find the property of choice you contact your assigned agent/broker – they write the offer, handle all of the negotiations and steps from contract to closing or settlement, including, but not limited to assisting you with financing options, inspections, and full agency representation.

What if I want you the agent or broker to handle more in reference to finding us properties?

No problem, you can go under our 1% program where you receive up to 1% to use towards your credit. Once explained most buyers opt for up to 2% once you see how easy it is.

If you purchase a listing that is listed through us or the brokerage you are assigned to the agency may differ, but not your credit- all of this will be explained to you in full detail before you sign the buyer broker contract to start on the program.

For more information and to get started sign up at (Find an Agent in your area – buyer rebate program) or call us with detailed contact information and we will contact you. (Please let us know what location you are interested in purchasing in – please include city, county and state.) The program is called a “Buyer Rebate Program”, some states do not allow an actual credit given as a rebate at closing to be used any way you wish. This program covers this issue in all states, legally and professionally, all handled through the contract of sale. Contact us for more information.

We look forward to working with you!!! Isn’t it time for you to receive a benefit credit for your efforts? Most buyers are searching the Internet these days and tell their agent about the property before the agent does.

We look forward to working with you!!! Isn’t it time for you to receive a benefit credit for your efforts? Most buyers are searching the Internet these days and tell their agent about the property before the agent does.

REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. is a membership company affiliated with brokerages. The agent/broker will be licensed to do business in the state/area you choose. In Hawaii & Maryland Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. is a licensed real estate brokerage handling all phases of real estate sales. All agents and brokers that you will be working with will specialize in the area you choose.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started today and be on your way to purchasing your property with instant equity earned by you!

Whether you are a buyer, seller, going through a short sale, investing in residential or commercial real estate, we have trained REALTY UNIVERSAL®, members in each state and affiliates who can customize your process the way it will work best for you. We do advise that you coordinate with your accountant and real estate attorney so your plan is intact. Planning and averting pitfalls can make a world of difference in our futures. We set you up to win!!!

Ultimately you have to rely on you, after consulting with the experts. We are excited to be able to continue to bring to the world’s stage a company as dedicated to universal excellence as REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. Our company has been initiating a revolution in the real estate world since 1996.

We started offering our menu programs when it was not the standard way of doing business – now it is so much more understood and common place. We are ahead of the rest due to experience with the systems. In today’s economy our menu programs make it possible for buyers and sellers to still have a win/win situation.

The best situation in life is when everyone wins, everyone must give, to assist in the outcome and what happens is a very positive experience.

REALTY UNIVERSAL® is a revolution founded on a very simple principle; we believe that sellers and buyers should have choices. As obvious as this seems, traditional real estate has never been structured in such a way as to allow the multitude of choices sellers and buyers truly deserve. After years of perfecting and receiving feedback on our programs we have developed real estate menu systems® that are used by buyers, sellers, agents & brokers who are part of our REALTY UNIVERSAL® network, which is growing by leaps and bounds!!!

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