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Get your home listed in your local MLS with syndication to many of the top real estate home search websites, including Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia!

To get started, choose the state where your property is located.

Our program places your property into your local MLS sites, plus syndicated to hundreds of Internet sites which always includes Realtor.com, REALTY UNIVERSAL®.com, fsbo.com, Zillow.com, Trulia,com and many more. If you sell it yourself your only cost is $379-$500 paid now. (plus admin fee if applicable- admin fee to be no higher than $250 paid only upon final closing) coop fee that you offer to selling broker, and any fees you agree to with a buyer or buyers agent in a contract of sale, state and county transfer costs and local or state taxes if they apply paid at closing/settlement. It is advisable to always discuss these items with your accountant or a local accountant to plan well.

The beauty of this program is you save thousands of dollars, like “sweat equity” for being involved to be used for your next purchase or however you want. It is your hard earned asset and you decide. Another benefit is you are not alone in selling. We give you an easy access “safety net.” If you need additional services such as negotiating, consulting, an appraisal or inspection issue we can help. You can pay only for what you need, “a la carte” and you know those costs upfront, “no hidden surprises.”

And best yet, this is 100% fully refundable if you decide to upgrade to our “1% full service” or “In person full service traditional program” through one of our affiliates. The amount that you have paid upfront will be fully credited to you out of the commission paid at final closing/settlement.

The upfront fee is not refundable, except by upgrading as stated above upon final closing/settlement, except you will receive a full refund within 72 hours (based on credit card company, could be a couple of additional days) if you pay now and your property has not been listed into the mls for whatever reason, you change your mind, you receive an offer before… we recommend putting it into the mls for back-up offers, but the choice is yours, you are the boss.


This is truly a full service program done virtually. Full representation, unlimited consulting, coaching, calls from sign-up to closing/settlement. (Certain states have minimum requirements) This includes additional marketing and International marketing, as well as through our RU Network, where agents/brokers receive a 50% referral fee, not a standard 20-30% fee)

Feedback, preparing contracts, reviewing contracts, arranging inspections, negotiations, handling all details from contract to closing-commission paid at closing. Open houses can be done by you or an agent*. Agents and brokers have years of experience which makes a difference if you run into an issue. (Beware of for sale by owner companies hiring inexperienced licensed agents to handle the difficult parts of your transaction)