Duane Webster

Nathalie Mullinix, REALTY UNIVERSAL®, INC – Waikiki Landmark Building

1888 Kalakaua Ave., Suite C312
Honolulu, HI 91815

Duane Webster has been working in the construction and real-estate business for over 25 years. Duane’s experience began in the field of General Construction as a 10 dollar an hour laborer. Duane has experience in all construction trades and earned his Class B General Contracting license in 1990. Utilizing his experience in construction he founded Knight Construction of San Diego Inc and operated that business for over 20 years.

Duane has been successfully buying, selling and managing real estate assets for over 25 years for himself. In addition to the above experience Duane has also served in Law Enforcement for the past 12 years. Duane is now using what he has learned over the years to help others with there Real estate needs.

Duane’s areas of experience, affords him and his clients a unique advantage when it comes to Marketing or acquiring Real-estate Assets. As a Real Estate Agent, Duane’s loyalty always goes to his client, while adhering to the law and ethics of the Real Estate business. Duane’s clients will always know that their interests are represented foremost and they have come to rely on Duane as their Agent for all their buying and selling needs.

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